Förebygga, Förhindra, Försvåra

This week, I had my first field study! I have been waiting and waiting for this opportunity — every Wednesday is  reserved with no classes, but for “field studies” for each of your classes. While having Wednesdays to explore so far has allowed me to do some super fun exploring including Photography Museum, Djurgården, various cafes and restaurants, … More Förebygga, Förhindra, Försvåra

How to Pronounce “Kräftskiva” in Swedish

This is a question that I have been valiantly attempting to answer since my very first day in Sweden. We have been practicing how to say “kräftskiva” in my Swedish Language & Culture class, since it’s a hard word to say coming from English: the “sk” sounds more like a “qhuii” — can’t really sound that out! … More How to Pronounce “Kräftskiva” in Swedish